StoryMaking equips young children for the twenty-first century through purposeful play. StoryMaking integrates many areas of learning, to include the makers’ movement, literacy, play, oral language, uses of materials and tools, and more.

Upcoming Events

StoryMaking is now at The Muse in Knoxville, TN!

StoryMaking is a special event that allows children to explore the materials in the art makerspace and other exhibits to help them imagine stories to play and make. Enjoy a engaging lesson on the stage, craft materials to help them unleash their imagination, and share stories with an audience. FREE with your admission cost!

The following Sundays from 2:00 – 3:30pm

May 19th, 2019

Join us at the Region 4 Inclusion Conference

July 18, 2019

Houston, TX

Do you want to join us in transforming the way children experience literacy learning? Become a part of the StoryMaking Movement to learn strategies and tips that will help inspire our children to be confident and creative makers, storytellers, artists and writers.

StoryMaking is a first-to-market book celebrating the multimodal literacies and learning that are demonstrated by young children as they imagine, play, make, and share their stories. It uses story-retelling, creating stories, STEAM, and loose parts to encourage inquiry-based play to develop literacy.

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StoryMaking just won the Midwest Book Award in the Education category! We are honored by this recognition.

Available now! Go to our Makerspace Blog section to join our Maker community.

MakerSpace – A collaborative community of StoryMakers!

About MakerSpace

“Preschool children are not too young to join the maker movement, because the things that motivate the explorative possibilities and projects of every maker are the same fundamental characteristics that drive young children – a vivid imagination and a willingness to try” (Wardrip and Brahms, 2016).

What Teachers Say

The academic and personal growth I saw fostered in my students as I implemented StoryMaking was astounding. The way StoryMaking provided scaffolded support to early learners provided an comfortable way for them to practice their language skills both native and non native English speakers. Because of the vast growth I saw in my current students due to implementation of StoryMaking, it would be a disservice to not continue to use the StoryMaking curriculum as an essential part of my future students learning.

Angela, PreK teacher

I LOVE IT!! Having implemented this in my classroom last year, I was amazed at the growth I saw in my students. Even the quietest, most reserved students (including my ELL students) were excited about sharing their stories. They took risks that continuously surprised me and their stories were AMAZING!

Shannon, PreK Teacher

What excites you about StoryMaking? “It’s open ended, there is no right or wrong and they can build on their stories from week to week. It will help the students organize their thoughts and make it an easier transition when writing their stories on paper. Learning to communicate their ideas will help them gain self-confidence in future learning environments.”

Lori, Integrated PreK Teacher

“If making is learning, then teaching can be making as well, perhaps one of the most valuable creative acts in society, encouraging children in the development of their own talents. I’d like to imagine that maker educators set a new standard for education: one where kids are excited about learning.” (Dougherty and Conrad, 2016)

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